Root CausesThe root causes of the epidemic of chronic childhood illness in America are the product of a perfect storm of environmental factors including:

Together (or in varied combinations), these environmental factors can initiate a vicious cycle of biological dysfunctions in our children’s bodies.  It is the “total load” (a term first coined by Patricia Lemer) of environmental stressors (also known as “allostatic load”) that a child carries that determines whether signs of ill health will emerge.

When the total load is too great for any given body, this is when we begin to see symptoms that we then classify as chronic illnesses, such as autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, diabetes, and many others.

To be sure, genetics and genetic history play a role in the development of illness for particular children, but genetically-based explanations do not explain the widespread prevalence of chronic medical problems among children today.

There are simply too many sick children to substantiate the theory that genetics cause their illnesses.  Epidemics are not genetic.